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Project Date: April, 2018 (Year 3, Semester 1)

Location: Noosa Hinterland, QLD

Type: Pre-fabricated activity shelter

Materials: Timber, steel, concrete and vinyl

The Noosa Fitness Node seeks to promote healthy lifestyles, fitness and wellbeing within the regional communities of the Noosa Hinterland. The nodes are designed to encourage and motivate communities to engage in a wide variety of fitness classes for all ages and fitness abilities. Their pre-fabricated structure allows for ease of transportation and assemblage. Establishing these nodes will allow the regional communities of the Noosa Hinterland to set collective goals and work together towards a healthy future.

floor plan.jpg

Floor Plan

Spatial Diagrams showing movements and activity

The flexible floor plan and modular components cater for a wide variety of classes and exercises. The open structure also encourages classes to utilise the surrounding outdoor space for larger community classes.


Cross sections demonstrating storage and exercise facilities

Sketch 4.jpg
Sketch 6.jpg
Sketch 5.jpg

Design concept sketches experimenting with different forms

Sketch 1.jpg
Sketch 2.jpg

Spatial sketches