Front facade (left)
Front facade (left)

Front facade (right)
Front facade (right)

Function space
Function space

Front facade (left)
Front facade (left)



Project Date: June, 2019 (Year 4, Semester 1)

Location: Jombang, Indonesia

Type: Mixed-use railway hub

Materials: Timber, steel, concrete and brick

The Jombang Metro Station was resolved in context to the earlier Jombang masterplan proposal in an effort to create a new urban hub within the city. Through its rich, complex building program and strong symbolism, the station hub seeks to connect with its traditional culture, local community and visitors alike. The hub consists of two buildings which house an arts precinct, library and commercial spaces. The buildings are connected by an overpass, providing users with a visual connection and thoroughfare to either sides of the city. The underground levels consist of retail spaces and railway platforms, thereby encouraging further engagement and use on a daily basis.

masterplan render .png

Building within masterplan

Site plan.jpg

Site plan

Composition 2.png

Building composition diagrams showing the evolution of form

Elevations - Copy.jpg

Northern elevation


Southern elevation

Ground floor

Level 3 Floor plan.jpg

Second floor

Level 1 Floor plan.jpg

First floor

Third floor

Long Section 1.jpg

Longitudinal section

Short Section.jpg

Short sections

Schematic Elevation.jpg

Schematic elevation sketch

Schematic Section Long.jpg

Schematic longitudinal section sketch

Schematic Section Short.jpg

Schematic short section sketch