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Project Date: April, 2019 (Year 4, Semester 1)

Location: Jombang, Indonesia

Type: Urban masterplan

The Jombang Masterplan seeks to reconnect the city by improving its city pattern, morphology and functional layout. The creation of new public green spaces improves connectivity throughout the city. This not only promotes walkability, but reconnects different precincts of Jombang that once lacked formal relationships. The masterplan caters for rapid population growth within the next few decades, whilst building upon the city's heritage and culture. Ethical principles governed the design concept, particularly the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) - "nobody gets left behind".

Masterplan w. legends.jpg


city collage.jpg

Urban Collage

City pattern proposed.png

City Pattern

Nolli proposed.png

Nolli map


Zones and functions

The urban collage (shown on the left) was instrumental in developing the city pattern and morphology. The existing Alun Alun park serves as the central eye and main focal point of the city.

Urban section .jpg

Urban section: transition between mosque, Alun Alun park and Jombang Regency Hall

Urban section 2.jpg

Urban section: transition between high density residential, mixed-use multi-residential and low-rise residential

Urban transection 2.jpg

Urban transection: the transition of residential typologies

Urban transection 1.jpg

Urban transection: Jombang city

nodes diagram.jpg

Urban nodes

green spaces diagram.jpg

Urban green spaces

Render 1 - TOD.png

Metro railway station hub

render 2 - mixed use.png

Transit oriented development

Alun alun 1.jpg

Alun Alun park

Render 3 - creek.png

Revitalised creek