George Street entrance
George Street entrance

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Dome entrance
Dome entrance

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Learning spaces
Learning spaces

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George Street entrance
George Street entrance

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Project Date: November, 2020 (Year 4, Semester 2)

Location: Brisbane CBD

Type: Medium-scaled public building

Materials: Glass, brick, concrete, masonry and timber

Brisbane's Hall of Democracy is a collaborative project with Skye Hewitson located along George Street, Brisbane. The hall is a public building for Queenslanders to unite, celebrate and share their visions for a new and improved democracy. The main concepts behind the building are freedom, engagement, education and preserving heritage. These concepts were adopted into the design framework in an effort to create a building that bridges the old with the future, as well as contributing towards an improved democracy for Queensland.


Locality of building within Brisbane masterplan

Panels Combined View.jpg

Urban and site analyses

Historic photomontage analyses

Through an analysis of the urban context, the hall aims to bridge the void between the futuristic casino development and the rich heritage of its historic site. The four concepts of 'democracy' freedom, engagement, education and heritage have been expressed throughout the building design and building program. The sense of freedom is expressed through the lush green spaces, bringing the rainforest to the heart of Brisbane City. This allows the building to seamlessly blend with, and contribute to, its urban fabric. The concepts of education and engagement are maximised through the building's activities that seek to educate and connect Queenslanders of all backgrounds, ages and cultures. The heritage of Brisbane has been upheld through ways such as the hall's museum, digital storytelling and the use and reinterpretation of traditional building materials.


Building composition diagrams

floor plan combined.jpg

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Second floor plan

William Street elevation

Alice Street elevation

Elevations scaled down (1).jpg

George Street elevation

Margaret Street elevation


Short section

Longitudinal section

Physical model